RLS School Site Council

School Site Council

  • The School Site Council (SSC) meets in the school library on the third Tuesday of the month from 3:30-4:30 p.m. This group, which is elected and operates in accordance with state law is comprised of five R.L. Stevens staff members including the principal, three teachers and a representative from the classified staff. The remaining five Council members are parents of students attending R. L. Stevens or community members. The tasks for which SSC are responsible include:

    • Develop a comprehensive plan designed to improve the effectiveness of the school program called the Single Plan for Student Achievement.
    • Annually review the plan, establish a new budget in the areas under SSC purview, make modifications to the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities of the District and the school then ecommend approval of the revised plan to the district School Board.
    • Annually review the School Safety Plan.
    • Bi-annually update and conduct a parent survey.