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    The Sonoma County Safe Routes to School program, funded by the county Measure M transportation tax, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funding, Safe Routes to School state &/or federal funds, and Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit supports grassroots Safe Routes to School efforts by providing guidance and resources to interested schools. The goal of Safe Routes to School programs is to encourage walking and bicycling where it is safe, and to advocate for needed changes where biking or walking  is not safe. SRTS programs use an integrated approach that includes five E's - encouragement, education, evaluation, engineering, and enforcement. A school can launch a SRTS program with just one component, and build from there. In doing so, SRTS programs address health and safety by reducing traffic congestion around schools, increasing physical activity, encouraging lifestyle changes for families, creating safer, calmer streets and neighborhoods, and improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, and the Sonoma County Transportation Authority partner to implement this program.

  • Suggested Routes to School - Spanish

    Estos mapas son un recurso que puede ayudar a los estudiantes y sus familias a encontrar el camino más seguro para llegar a la escuela caminando o en bicicleta. Estos mapas se produjeron después de una serie de auditorías caminatas, reuniones con la comunidad escolar, personal de la Ciudad, ingenieros y el equipo de Rutas Seguras Escolares. Los mapas incluyen elementos de tránsito de la escuela, pasos de peatones, señales de tráfico, carriles para ciclistas, y muestran cuánto tiempo se necesita para caminar / montar bici a la escuela de un cuarto o media milla de distancia. El mapa también muestra los lugares de reunión para el Autobús Escolar de caminantes que son cada día de Caminar o Rodar. ¡Utilice estos mapas para planificar la ruta más segura a la escuela!

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  • Suggested Routes to School

    These maps are a wonderful resource that can help students and their families find the safest way to get to school by walking or biking. These maps came about after a series of walking audits, meetings with the school community’s input as well as City staff, engineers and the Safe Routes to School team. The maps include school traffic elements such as crosswalks, traffic signals, bike lanes, and they show how long it takes to walk/bike to school from a quarter or a half mile away. The map also shows our Walking School Bus meet-up locations—Walking School Buses meet every Walk/Roll Day. Please use these maps to plan your safest route to school!

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