• There are many ways that Wright Charter School encourages and provides opportunities for parent involvement! As part of the charter school focus on community involvement, we encourage parents to donate ten hours of volunteer time per school year. Many of our parents donate significantly more hours than the minimum suggestion.

    Parents can volunteer to be part of the Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) the purpose of which is to promote and enrich the welfare and educational experiences of the children at Wright Charter School, and to bring into closer relationship the home and the school.

    Parents are encouraged to run for election to the School Site Governance Council, which meets monthly. Parents on the council become informed, share information, discuss needs and successes, and plan school program improvements. The council develops a comprehensive plan designed to improve the effectiveness of the school, and assists in making budgetary decisions that allocate resources toward meeting the goals for academic improvement. All parents are invited to attend the monthly meetings.

    Teachers are pleased to have parent volunteers in the classroom. Other volunteer opportunities exist in the library, chaperoning field trips, and sporting events, and all of our school and PTC sponsored events.

    Environmental stewardship and global responsibility open up new opportunities for parent involvement, which include gardening and environmental projects. We also encourage parents, guardians and community members to share their expertise in the classroom. This can include event planning, translating, classroom presentations and clerical tasks.


    The District has several committees that encourage and include parent participation. The English Language Advisory Committee and the District English Language Advisory Committee, comprised of parents of English Language Learners, meet four times a year to become informed and share information about the English Language Development Program. Adult English language classes are offered to our District parents providing them opportunity to learn and improve their English skills.

    All parents are invited to participate in Back to School Night, Literacy Night, and twice-yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences. In addition, we hold yearly celebrations for the school community including winter and spring concerts, Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti Dinner, and Open House.


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