• We believe parent participation is vital to the success of Wright School District. Positive relationships with our students' parents promote a positive community and enrich the educational experience of our students. Your child's education is a partnership that the District values greatly.
    In addition to the monthly regular Governing Board Meetings, there are several Superintendent Committees that relate to various aspects of District  governance. To attend or participate in one of the following committees, please contact Janice Webb at (707) 542-0550.
    • The Budget Committee is comprised of staff and stakeholders and is an opportunity to provide input on budget planning and educates stakeholders on current budget developments.

    • The Facilities Committee is comprised of staff and stakeholders and advises the superintendent on construction, planning and ongoing facilities projects.

    • The Wellness Committee is comprised of staff and local community stakeholders  and supports wellness activities in the District by reccomending policy and monitoring current wellness activities.
    Wright Education Foundation was recently established to raise funds and support students at all three schools. The Foundation will enhance the Wright District Student education experience by supporting activities related to Healthy Living (nutrition, physical activity), Arts and Technology. Community Members are invited to attend and support our activities.