• A Charter School Preparing Students for Responsible Living in the 21st Century

    Wright Charter School is a charming public elementary school that has traditionally served students in grades K-6. During the 2009-2010 school year the elementary school began its first year as a charter school. Between 2009 and 2010 we added the seventh and eighth grades to Wright Charter School. The school now provides education for students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Teachers and staff are excited to have added the seventh and the eighth grades. It serves a need in our community for parents who desire that their young teens and tweens continue to learn in a small environment where staff and community know students by name and are well versed in their skills and abilities. The early teen and tween years are a time when students benefit from adult support in many areas.

    What is our mission for students in kindergarten through eighth grades?

    Wright Charter School seeks to empower students to develop a passion for lifelong learning and to nurture them by engaging their intellect, emotions, and natural curiosity. We seek to instill not only the knowledge, skills and abilities set forward in the California State Standards, but to develop student competence and motivation to use their education responsibly enriching their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.

    Our school-wide programs focus on developing student competence as learners and their confidence as contributing members of a larger community. The school wide programs are:

    • Standards-based Curriculum and Instruction
    • Eco-literacy/Environmental Stewardship
    • Community/Service Learning
    • Project-Based Thematic Instruction
    • Parent Involvement

    Each of these elements is explained in better detail in our Charter School Petition. Staff is currently developing and fine tuning the programs and establishing how all elements fit together to provide a valuable and comprehensive educational experience for your children.

    One key area of development is the school garden. Students attending Wright Charter School have opportunities to work with their teachers and the school garden coordinator to develop skills and concepts across curricular areas through work in the garden. The garden also provides an outdoor focal point for community involvement and service. Students develop concepts of ecoliteracy as they tend to the needs of the garden.

    Wright Charter School invites parents and community members to get actively involved in the continuous improvement of programs and educational opportunities for our students. Ideas, input and volunteer help are welcome.

    For further information about the goals and objectives of Wright Charter School and/or how you can become involved please call our school office at (707) 542-0556. For enrollment information, click here or the Parents link on the left hand side of this page.