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Translator List - Administrator Copy (email HR for password)

Bilingual/biliterate staff who pass a verbal and/or written assessment may be added to the list of translators. 

Human Resources will facilitate the assessment.

Classified translators receive a $100 stipend per month during pay periods for translation services delivered during the course of their job.

Certificated translators recieve an annual stipend of $2000.

All translators receive $25 per hour supplemental pay for translation services delivered before or after their work hours. 

Translation services before or after work hours must have administrative authorization. 

With additional administrative approval, work hours may be flexed to provide translation services that are outside the scope of normal job duties during work hours. 

For supplemental pay or comp time, employees must submit a timesheet.

Community translator referrals are welcome: Spanish, Vietnamese, Laos, and other languages are welcome. 

Email and label the subject "Translators" if you are interested in scheduling an assessment. 

Please provide two or three dates and times that you are available for assessment. 

Thank you!